Omnipotent Consulting

Helping Service Based Businesses Get Back Their Time

Omnipotent Consulting

Helping Service Based Businesses Get Back Their Time

Who We Are

Omnipotent Consulting is a Systems & Automation Consultancy that helps Service Based businesses get back 500 hours of their Operational Freedom by installing the right technology, systems, processes, and automation to make their lives easier

Our Services

Introductory Automation

Our Introductory Automation Service allows you to finally get some ease in your company! This is where we will sit down with you to talk about one specific area in your business you want to learn how to automate. This could be your calendar booking process, appointment reminder sequences, or client onboarding process.

We will create a mini-plan on the automation of that area, build out said automation using tools you already possess or our own recommended tools (paid separately), and then we will document the entire process so you and your team can manage it moving forward!

$999 Investment

Experience Mapping

In our Experience Mapping Session we will help you reveal the clarity in your most troubled area in business! We will start with a full 2-hour guided consultation where you'll work with one of our Systems Experts to reveal your current process in either Sales, Customer Support, Client Onboarding, Fulfillment, or Client Offboarding.

After your Experience Mapping Session we will then create a visual workflow of your process, present it to you, and then present an alternative that utilizes your current team or introduces new tech so that you fix any blindspots or reduce activity. This is an extremely important step in gaining clarity. You will walk out with a plan on how to improve your process moving forward!

$1,999 Investment

Operation Freedom

Our Operation Freedom program is our most comprehensive program! Here is where we actually take the plan that was created in the Experience Mapping Session and execute it in full.

We will work with your business for up to 3 months helping you document your currents tasks, organize your SOPs, create an Org Chart tailored to you, implement specific technology on-par with your Visual Workflow, train your current team members on their processes and even find 1-2 new Virtual Assistants to help you if you're in need of that as well.

You will walk away with a brand new process in one department of your business, documentation that is now your IP, and supply the best help to your team members!

$3,999 Investment

""In less than 30 days Omnipotent Consulting helped us double our revenues from $37,000 to almost $100,000... in over 2 months they've taken us close to $200,000... we've been in business for 2 years and couldn't figure this out...They've taken us to the next level"

Recent Client Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with Khadirah for 2 years and during that time she has impressed me over and over... I highly recommend her. I have no doubt she will contribute to your bottom line on day one."

Dylan B.

"It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Khadirah. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Khadirah, and know her to be a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend her"

Emily L.

"Khadirah went out of their way to assist me and answered all my questions in detail. You could tell immediately that she knew what she was talking about and provided lots of different recommendations I could implement ASAP. I would recommend!"

Bryan G.

"The session that I had with Khadirah on July 19, 2022 was time well spent.  She was pleasant, precise and gave clear cut advise that was simple yet comprehensive.  She was able to provide a forecast of what she explained and even how or if to incorporate additional useful elements.  I can see why my colleagues who have used her services have seen their productivity multiply. "

--C. Davenport

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